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Viaje en bicicleta por lo más destacado de Holanda

"The tour was fantastic"

...Thanks for checking in, the tour was fantastic.  Everything was well organized and coordinated.  I hope we are able to do it again sometime soon!...

Joyas Culturales de Holanda

"This tour was the highlight of our European holiday!"

....We have just arrived back home in Australia and are very happy to provide you with some feedback.
Our 'Pearls of Holland' bike tour was probably the highlight of our European holiday. Everything was extremely well organised - bikes great, luggage arrived each night where it was supposed to and Hotels comfortable and well located. The tour itself was extremely enjoyable and well thought out.  Canals, meadows, windmills, lakes, gardens, wildlife, town squares - all with easy flat riding.  A highlight was Kukenhof ? which nicely filled out one of our days. 
We would highly recommend your Company (and this tour) to all of our friends and hope to come back to do some more cycling around Holland another time with Dutch Bike Tours.
Thanks also for all your efforts and prompt responses before we left Australia for Amsterdam. It was much appreciated and it all worked out well...

Viaje en bicicleta: Viaje de los Tulipanes

"Very good"

...The tours in Holland was very good, well organized and we enjoyed the days around Holland...

Joyas Culturales de Holanda

"Die Hotels waren super!"

....Die Radtour hat riesig Spaß gemacht und wir waren von Allem voll begeistert.
Die Beratung und Organisation im Vorfeld war spitze. Wir konnten die 1. und 2. Etappe der eigentlich Tour wirklich gut an einem Tag fahren, so dass wir Tour in 6 Tagen geschafft haben.
Die Hotels waren super, das Personal sehr freundlich und  hilfsbereit. Die Radwege sind sehr gut ausgebaut und mit den Knotenpunkten auch gut zu finden. War man mal wirklich unsicher, wie sie Strecke weiter geht, hat Ihre ausführliche Beschreibung oder unser Navigationsystem mit Ihren gpx.Dateien uns gut weitergeleitet. Einmal fuhr am ersten Tag eine Fähre nicht, da  haben wir über Ihre Servicenummer sofort eine Alternativroute an Hand von Knotenpunkten erhalten und sind so gut in Leiden gekommen.
Der Koffertransfer hat super geklappt, die Koffer waren stets vor unserer Ankunft im Hotel. Die gemieteten Räder waren die besten, die wir jemals gemietet hatten. 
Der kleine Reiseführer anbei hat auch eingeladen, sich die eine oder andere Sehenswürdigkeit anzuschauen. Alles in Allem hat es uns sehr gefallen und müssen Ihnen ein wirklich großes Lob aussprechen. Wir planen im nächsten Jahr bestimmt wieder ein Radtour in Holland mit Dutch-Bike-Tour. Bis dahin alles Gute und machen Sie weiter so....

Viaje en bicicleta por lo más destacado de Holanda

"We had a great time on our tour"

....We had a great time on our tour. Really enjoyed the diversity of this part of Holland.
Had a few challenges with the signage. In the country we missed a few signposts that may have been hidden by weeds or hedges. In the city the signage was generally good.
Found the hotels very good and nicely located near major attractions. The staff at the hotels were great and our luggage arrived most days before we did. All hotels were aware of my wife's need to eat gluten free and looked after her very well. 
Only suggestion that we have is that it might be better for both riders to have the knooppoint instructions. The other thought we had is to maybe push the gps a little stronger. We would likely use it the next time (assuming that feedback is positive about their use). Notice I said next time. :). My wife would like to do another tour in two years time. Time will tell.
Thank you again for looking after this very pleasant part of our vacation. We will indeed refer our friends to your company. By the way the bikes and panniers were excellent....

Joyas Culturales de Holanda

"Thank you and all at Dutch Bike Tours for the most excellent experience "

....This is to thank you and all at Dutch Bike Tours for the most excellent experience we have enjoyed on our bike tour of Holland.
We were very impressed with the detailed preparation and excellent maps that you provided for our trip. The bicycles were first class and the accommodations along the way were superbly located.
Our luggage was transported faultlessly between each of our destinations, so thanks for doing that so very well.
Special mention should be made of the Best Western City Plus in Gouda, however all places we stayed were most hospitable and the restaurant associated with the BW Museum Hotel in Delft, Le Marriage, provided a very wonderful and memorable dining experience.
You were most helpful after it became necessary to rearrange our travel plans and we greatly appreciate your flexibility in that regard....

Lo Mejor del Norte de Holanda

"a wonderful holiday with so many wonderful memories and photographs!"

....I shall definitely return to visit another area of your wonderful country using Dutch Bike Tours. Your hotel choices were excellent and the hospitality and foods provided were exceptional. 
The daily distances you had planned suited me fine as I was then able to explore my destinations after an early afternoon arrival and before the evening meal.
I finally understood your cycle route markings after you provided me with the little numbered sheets in my welcoming pack that I received in the envelope at my first hotel.
Thanks for providing me with a wonderful holiday with so many wonderful memories and photographs....

Las Ciudades Antiguas

"Wunderschöne Radtour!"

....Wir waren mit der Tour sehr zufrieden. Der Gepäcktransport hat wunderbar funktioniert. Die Hotels waren sehr gut bis auf das Hotel in Zandvoort. Trotzdem war es eine wunderschöne Radtour!....

Viaje en bicicleta: Viaje de los Tulipanes

"We really enjoyed our holiday"

...The bikes and hotels were all great and I'm sure we will be back one day. One thing I think you could improve on are the maps from Casa 400 hotel to get to the first numbered cycle route. The photocopy maps were very difficult to follow and the road names too small to read. Hope you don't take this as a criticism as we really had a fab time. Many thanks for all the organising...

Viaje en bicicleta: Viaje de los Tulipanes

"The best holidays my wife and I have had"

....Thank you for your e mail and we are very grateful for the cycling holiday you prepared for us in Holland, which was one of the best holidays my wife and I have had!
We had never been on a biking holiday before, and we appreciated the fresh air, the easy cycling and we found your bikes of the highest quality (much better than our own bikes at home! We wondered whether we could get similar ones for ourselves here in the UK?).
The routes you choose were really nice, and we appreciated being able to spend the extra night in each hotel so we could explore the cities of Amsterdam, Harlem and Leiden, going to various museums, art galleries, churches and concerts etc, not forgetting the wonderful Keukenhof.Again we would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient dealing with all our enquiries and arranging such a lovely holiday for us. We showed some pictures of our travels to the ladies in our church this afternoon and they were very impressed!....

Entre Polders

"Holland hat mir sehr gefallen"

....Danke. Ich hatte eine sehr gute, unfallfreie Woche mit einem bequemen Bike.
Alle Reservationen haben geklappt und das Gepäck war immer rechtzeitig im Hotel und das GPS hat funktioniert.
Die Reise durch Holland hat mir sehr gefallen. Meine Erwartungen sind erfüllt!
Für meinen Geschmack sind die Hotels für Bikesportler eher zu edel. Mir wären kleinere persönlichere Hotels lieber gewesen....

La Península Norte de Holanda

"we enjoyed our holiday"

....We have just completed Holland Highlights Cycle Tour. 
Firstly we would like to say how much we enjoyed our holiday and would love to do another some time. Thank you for the information that you provided. The acommodation was excellent. 
On our last day - Alkmaar to Amsterdam; we followed the route intersection numbers provided with the Knooppunter (an brilliant idea by the way) but this did not take us to the dunes on the North Sea Coast. The intersection numbers took us through Zaanse Schans which matched the 4 pages of route description. Another customer may be upset that they didn't go to the coast!....

Playas y Pueblos

"All went well many thanks"

....All went well many thanks. GPS was invaluable as through cities, like Amsterdam, the cycle route signs were not consistent and we needed the GPS. I would suggest you advise anyone who thinks they dont need it/can manage with Google maps on an iPad that their routes arent good enough. i.e GPS pretty mandatory.
I think on the first day we should have had someone there who could adjust the bikes or at least give us an Allen key's panner so we could do it ourselves. Not much point having the person meeting you who cant adjust the bikes. Otherwise very enjoyable....


Joyas Culturales de Holanda

"We had a lovely holiday"

...We liked that the hotels were all in the centre of town, and it was easy to get out for a walk and see the sights once we had dropped off the bikes. Our baggage was always delivered to the hotel on time for our arrival, and some of the hotels were even kind enough to have placed our bags up in the room ready for us. 

The bikes were great quality, and we had no trouble navigating once we had worked out the junction system on the first day. The handlebar-mounted junction list was brilliant, and between this and the map, and we rarely bothered to use the detailed written instructions. Highlights were the ride along the sea wall between Enkhuizen and Medemblik, and the ride down the coast through the Dunes and Tulip fields from Den Helder to Alkmaar. Alkmaar, Hoorn and Medemblik were great stop-overs. Den Helder was not so nice a town - maybe this could be swapped out for a smaller village nearby?

For us, this was the first cycle trip we had done, and was well suited to us given the mostly flat terrain, quality bike paths followed on the route, and a manageable distance each day. Due to a great experience we will definitely be looking into more cycle tours with your company in the future.

Lo Mejor del Norte de Holanda

"Hemos tenido unas vacaciones estupendas, ¡Gracias!"

Hemos tenido unas vacaciones estupendas, ¡Gracias!
Todos los hoteles eran fantásticos, especialmente el Grand Hotel Alkmar y el Hotel Medemblik. Nos ha gustado mucho el hecho de que todos los hoteles se encontraran en el centro, facilitando así dar un paseo y visitar las zonas más típicas una vez bajados de la bici. El traslado de equipaje entre hoteles siempre se realizaba antes de nuestra llegada e incluso muchos hoteles fueron tan amables de dejar nuestro equipaje en la habitación designada para nosotros.  
Las bicicletas eran de gran calidad, y no encontramos ninguna dificultad en los itinerarios una vez que habíamos pedaleado por ese sistema de bifurcaciones el primer día.  El porta mapas ubicado en el manillar de la bicicleta  era fantástico y esto, junto con los mapas, hizo que apenas tuviéramos que depender de las descripciones de las rutas.  Las rutas que más nos gustaron fueron las del Día 1 (Alkmaar – Hoorn), 2 (Hoorn- Medemblik) y 4 (Den Helder – Alkmaar). Destacamos los tramos a lo largo del dique entre Enzhuizen y Medemblik y el que baja hacia la costa a través de dunas y campos de tulipanes desde Den Helder hasta Alkmaar. Alkmaar, Hoorn y Medemblilk fueron las mejores paradas del viaje.

Para nosotros, este era nuestro primer viaje en bici  y fue perfecto para nosotros teniendo en cuenta el terreno casi llano, la gran calidad de los carriles bici por los que se desarrollaban las rutas y la razonable distancia a recorrer cada día. Es por esta gran experiencia que estamos seguros de que contaremos con vuestra agencia para futuros viajes en bici…

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