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Lo Mejor del Norte de Holanda

"Hemos tenido unas vacaciones estupendas, ¡Gracias!"

Hemos tenido unas vacaciones estupendas, ¡Gracias!
Todos los hoteles eran fantásticos, especialmente el Grand Hotel Alkmar y el Hotel Medemblik. Nos ha gustado mucho el hecho de que todos los hoteles se encontraran en el centro, facilitando así dar un paseo y visitar las zonas más típicas una vez bajados de la bici. El traslado de equipaje entre hoteles siempre se realizaba antes de nuestra llegada e incluso muchos hoteles fueron tan amables de dejar nuestro equipaje en la habitación designada para nosotros.  
Las bicicletas eran de gran calidad, y no encontramos ninguna dificultad en los itinerarios una vez que habíamos pedaleado por ese sistema de bifurcaciones el primer día.  El porta mapas ubicado en el manillar de la bicicleta  era fantástico y esto, junto con los mapas, hizo que apenas tuviéramos que depender de las descripciones de las rutas.  Las rutas que más nos gustaron fueron las del Día 1 (Alkmaar – Hoorn), 2 (Hoorn- Medemblik) y 4 (Den Helder – Alkmaar). Destacamos los tramos a lo largo del dique entre Enzhuizen y Medemblik y el que baja hacia la costa a través de dunas y campos de tulipanes desde Den Helder hasta Alkmaar. Alkmaar, Hoorn y Medemblilk fueron las mejores paradas del viaje.

Para nosotros, este era nuestro primer viaje en bici  y fue perfecto para nosotros teniendo en cuenta el terreno casi llano, la gran calidad de los carriles bici por los que se desarrollaban las rutas y la razonable distancia a recorrer cada día. Es por esta gran experiencia que estamos seguros de que contaremos con vuestra agencia para futuros viajes en bici…

Joyas Culturales de Holanda

"We had a lovely holiday"

...We liked that the hotels were all in the centre of town, and it was easy to get out for a walk and see the sights once we had dropped off the bikes. Our baggage was always delivered to the hotel on time for our arrival, and some of the hotels were even kind enough to have placed our bags up in the room ready for us. 

The bikes were great quality, and we had no trouble navigating once we had worked out the junction system on the first day. The handlebar-mounted junction list was brilliant, and between this and the map, and we rarely bothered to use the detailed written instructions. Highlights were the ride along the sea wall between Enkhuizen and Medemblik, and the ride down the coast through the Dunes and Tulip fields from Den Helder to Alkmaar. Alkmaar, Hoorn and Medemblik were great stop-overs. Den Helder was not so nice a town - maybe this could be swapped out for a smaller village nearby?

For us, this was the first cycle trip we had done, and was well suited to us given the mostly flat terrain, quality bike paths followed on the route, and a manageable distance each day. Due to a great experience we will definitely be looking into more cycle tours with your company in the future.

El Corazón Verde

"a really great holiday"

....We had a really great holiday despite getting very lost on the first day (Bunnik to Amsterdam).  Some of the green and white signs had been painted over, moved or turned around.  However, the maps and paperwork you provided were really helpful and informative enabling us to get to the hotel.
The hotels were excellent; great rooms, fantastic customer service and good food (especially in the Hotel Casa 400 in Amsterdam). The electric bike was very good quality and my husband enjoyed riding it. We just loved the cycle tracks that exist everywhere in Holland and I felt really downhearted when I returned to the horrible, busy roads in the UK. The Dutch people we met along the way were really friendly and helpful, pointing us in the right direction when necessary.I will be booking another holiday with you for next year; a ride involving tulip fields!....

Viaje en bicicleta por lo más destacado de Holanda

"Your bike culture is simply amazing"

...My son and I just finished our Holland Highlights bike tour and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Your bike culture is simply amazing. This will make you laugh but we must have taken at least ten photos of the underground bike parking lots. I want to send those photos to our city council and suggest we should try this approach in Canada. 
At any rate, we appreciated the top quality bikes, great bag transport and nice hotels. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to all my friends. Thank you!...

Viaje en bicicleta: Viaje de los Tulipanes

"De Tulpen tour was mooi"

...De Tulpen tour was mooi, voor zover het weer meedeed - en dat deed het zo nu en dan niet; de wind was gedeeltelijk zèèr krachtig. Maar dat staat niet in de verantwoording van Dutch Biketours. De hotels waren goed gekozen, en het personeel was uitbundig vriendelijk en behulpzaam; daarvoor onze dank en erkenning.
In sommige gevallen ontbraken op de wegen de knooppuntnummers, vooral dan ook op plaatsen waar je een keuze had om rechtdoor te gaan of afteslaan. Hadden we niet alsnog een fietskaart meegenomen, hadden we de weg niet gevonden. Dat zou door de tourisme instellingen beter gecontroleerd mogen en moeten worden. Als we weer een thematische tocht in Nederland willen doen, zullen we graag op het internet naar uw homepage kijken...

Entre Polders

"I would recommend Dutch Bike Tours to other cyclists"

.... Sorry I have taken awhile to respond to your email.  We had a wonderful cycle in your wonderful country, certainly windier than we had expected, but great training for our "Tour de France" trip.
We would make sure we had GPS for any further trips, some of the towns were very difficult to navigate eg Amsterdam, The Hague.  When you are on the bike it is pretty difficult to read directions as you ride through busy streets.  
Apart from this, some days we rode many miles more than necessary, we had a wonderful holiday.  I would recommend Dutch Bike Tours to other cyclists....

..definitely the best adventure we have been on for some time..

El Corazón Verde

"..definitely the best adventure we have been on for some time.."

....We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday,definitely the best adventure we have been on for some time. The hotels you chose were absolutely first class and the routes were all charming and most picturesque. There was that confusion on day 2 when the junction numbers did not match the detailed route you should maybe check into that issue. But overall the trip was fabulous! I know you will not mind so we have passed on  your name and contact info. to some friends who are planning a cycling trip in Holland...


We had a wonderfull trip. The hotels where of very good standard, and the bikes where fine. The islands where superb, and the maps you gave us where good.
All arrangements went pretty good. The one thing that would have been good was to get information about was the Ferrytimes and that it is not possible to take the fast speedferry with bikes.
We had a wonderfull holiday, Thanks for Your good customer service, we would not hesitate to recommend  Dutch bike tours to our friends :-)


El Corazón Verde

"Außerordentlich zufrieden"

....Wir waren außerordentlich zufrieden: gute Hotels, zuverlässiger Koffertransfer, schöne radstrecken. Was will man mehr? Nächstes Jahr  werden wir sicherlich wieder eine Reise bei Ihnen buchen....

Viaje de las diligencias

"All the hotels were lovely"

....We had a wonderful time on your tour. The route was beautiful and we found the Dutch people so friendly and helpful.
We did wonder if the children would find the distances too much but they loved the challenge.
All the hotels were lovely. The only minor issue that we found was that travelling as a family we didn’t always want to eat in the hotel restaurants. Sometimes we wanted a more relaxed and cheaper alternative. We were able to find these usually but a tourist map of each town might have made that a bit easier. 
However it was a wonderful experience and I am sure we will be travelling with you again soon....

Entre Molinos y Prados

"I had a wonderful holiday"

....I had a wonderful holiday with Dutch Bike Tours for the mills and meadows tour. The routes and the scenery were great and I really thoroughly enjoyed it.
I was very impressed with the organisation, everything was in place. The hotels standard was superb and very relaxing after a long day cycling. The hotel staff was helpful in all towns and aware of the the Dutch bike tours arrangements. The luggage was following us smoothly.
Many thanks for your great work, I appreciate my late booking but everything went smooth. I hope you will keep these good standards and improve on it. 
Looking forward to be in contact again with some sunny weather next summer....

La Península Norte de Holanda

"De route was prachtig"

....We hebben een fijne fietstocht gehad. 
De ervaring bij Fletcher in Heiloo was dat men ons wilde laten betalen voor de maaltijden, maar die waren bij het arrangement inbegrepen.
De ervaringen in Volendam bij Old Dutch en in Amsterdam in het Holland Art Hotel waren zeer positief. De route was prachtig, het weer was goed, kortom een mooie ervaring....

Los Pueblos Frisones y sus Lagos

"Ich liebe es"

....vielen Dank für den schönen Urlaub. Alles hat gut funktioniert. Wenn ich etwas kritisieren soll, dann muss ich lange nachdenken ..... 99 % gut. Gefallen haben mir besonders die Qualität der GPX-Dateien, die Papierunterlagen bei der Ankunft im Hotel und die problemlose kurzfristige Buchung des Urlaubes. 
1 % schlecht = am letzten Tag kam das Gepäck etwas spät am Hotel an. Die Dusche musste auf mich noch warten. Aber das kann passieren.
Was kann man verbessern? Ich liebe es, die niederländischen Städte auch mit dem Fahrrad zu erkunden. Wenn es dazu auch gesonderte GPX-Dateien mit den YOU-MUST-SEE gäbe, wäre der Urlaub perfekt. Sie sehen, dass ich glücklich mit Dutch Biketours bin und bei den nächsten Urlaubsplänen an Sie denke....

Al Norte del Lago IJssel

"war ganz zufrieden"

....Ich möchte mich ganz herzlich bedanken für die super gute Organisation meiner Fahrrad Tour in Holland, es hat mir sehr viel Freude gemacht, war ganz zufrieden, die Hotels waren super. Die Route habe ich auch gut gefunden, bis auf ein paar wenige Stellen, da war kein Wegweiser mit der Nummer, habe dann nachgefragt und bin immer gut angekommen. Meine Erwartungen sind mehr als erfüllt und ich möchte sehr gerne nochmals eine Tour machen....

Lo Mejor del Norte de Holanda

"It was magnificient"

....Thank you very much for your kind email and for the perfect organization.
We visited Netherlands many times and have been planning a bike trip for ten years or more AND IT WAS MAGNIFICIENT.
Perfect organization, perfect selection of hotels and courses, perfect luggage transfer, good bikes and no hidden costs.
We could not organize a similar trip on our selves for the same money.
We would like to add these comments to the trip advisor or anywhere you like....

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